Actor Giovanni Jones speaks out being victimized by teacher Douglas Le who catfished students at Gilroy High in Northern California. Actor plays himself as a teenager in episode of popular TV Docu Series ‘Web of Lies’, that tells the true story

Giovanni Jones

Giovanni Jones has striking good looks, undeniable talent, and an impressive list of film and television credits. Jones, who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, has been making an international impact in the entertainment world for longer than he can remember. His first public appearances were at pageants when he was just two years old racking up a multitude of awards (he was crowned Mr Hawaiian Tropic!). With the skills and presence Jones learned here combined with the stage presence he had developed as a child winning multiple awards at pageants, he easily transitioned to acting and modeling. He was soon welcomed into the industry and it wasn’t long before he had a long list of successful appearances on several popular television shows (iCarly and others on Nickelodeon, House MD to name a few.) As much as he enjoyed it, Jones said the Hollywood life came to a bit of a standstill when his parents divorced. He was just thirteen years old — and he took some much needed time away from the industry during his teenage years “to explore what I wanted to do in life, to see what I was passionate about.”

It was during those non acting years that he attended Gilroy High in Northern California — where he became one of the victims of Douglas Le, a then 25 year old teacher who “Catfished” his students soliciting nude photos of them while pretending to be a porn star. When the Docuseries WEB OF LIES featured the case in Season 7, Episode 8, Giovanni revisited the traumatic experience. He speaks about the personal connection he has to the story : “The Documentary is based on events that happened in my old high school, Gilroy High. The documentary exposes one of my old biotechnology teachers who impersonated a woman to solicit nude photos from students on Facebook. In the documentary, I describe the type of engagement, my life, and what my high school was like. I also show my present life with me being in Los Angeles, happier and better.“

Other Projects :

FILM: THE PASTOR’S KID — The Pastor’s Kid is a drama film written and directed by Benjamin Ironside Koppin. In the film, Giovanni plays the role of ‘Gio’. The film is described on IMDB AS ‘Roofied one night at a bar, Riley is saved from two predators by one of her friends. This one event sets off a chain reaction, reconnecting Riley with her mother and bringing up a painful past of abuse and religious hypocrisy.” Giovanni says : “It is an indie drama about a Pastor’s daughter who is rebellious. In the film, you can see me and the pastor’s daughter getting into trouble, going to parties and doing crazy stuff.”

MURDERED BY MORNING : “Murdered by Morning” is a popular true crime show, that according to the series description, “showcases stories where individuals are unaware that the night in question will be their last.” in the episode I am in, I am the friend of the main character.”

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