Fashion Founded on Kindness — Founder Karina Shivdasani Opens Brick & Mortar after online success

(Houston, Nov 3) On November 6th, Common Assembly opens its doors — for the first time ever — in M-K-T Heights Centerr in Houston Texas. Women will be thrilled to check out the impressively curated collections in person. The store is expected to do well — those in the know have been shopping with them online since founder, Karina Shivdasani started the brand with a strong online launch last year. In that time, not only has the brand found loyal customers from coast to coast but the founder is just as well known for her ethics and goodwill — “kindness” is ingrained into the company’s reason for being (and the name of it’s official blog!).
In a statement for media about the new store opening, she had this to say :

“Opening our first store front is beyond exciting for us! For the past year we’ve been operating online, offering women carefully curated clothing and jewelry they can look and feel good in. The only part missing there is that face-to-face interaction with our customers. She’s the reason we’re here and what better way to speak our mission and show her what we have to offer. Our main goal is to build a community of women who believe in themselves and kind fashion, and we saw this as an even bigger opportunity to translate our belief in collaboration over competition. Our store design will display beautiful artwork by local artists and we will collaborate with other female owned small businesses that share our values. Kindness is our thread… and this is how we stay threaded together. #commonkindness for all!”

And that isn’t just spin brought out for the media release. In a recent post on her blog in support of National Women’s Small Business Month, she had this to say about the new store opening and her intention to shine a light on other entrepreneurs who share common visions of including kindness and support of others in their business model.

“We are thrilled to be able to showcase Kind Fashion and spread kindness through our store front. One of the most important parts of our kindness brand is sharing our knowledge and our growth with other entrepreneurs, and this space is giving us the opportunity to do that in a more robust way! In addition to our collection of socially responsible kind fashion, we will offer a curation of products from other female entrepreneurs and will be highlighting their stories so we can help spread their talents and beautiful voices.”

The international fashion world is starting to take notice of the Houston startup, too. Common Assembly is increasingly becoming known for the great clothing collections they curate for women across America — and for the business acumen of its young owner.

In just one year, Houston local Shivdasani, often described as a power woman, has not only built a strong brand, but has been noted internationally as a fashion success, and quoted as a global thought leader on fashion trends and industry issues. (She was interviewed on Ticker TV, Australia’s biggest 24 hour streaming news network and is the feature of an upcoming story in Authority Magazine and in Thrive Global, the new publication by the founder of Huffington Post.)

MORE ABOUT COMMON ASSEMBLY : Common Assembly is a woman owned fashion company founded on kindness. Everything we do internally as a business, to how we source, and how we interact is about spreading kindness and helping women foster self-love. We believe that kindness is our thread and if we can be kinder to ourselves we will have a greater capacity to be kinder to others. That brand belief is threaded through the product we carry: Kind Fashion. We offer clothing and jewelry that has been carefully curated to offer women looks that will last and can be styled over multiple seasons. All of our product has been mindfully sourced and made in factories that pay fair wages and offer safe working conditions. So, when you shop kind fashion, you can rest assured you are helping us spread kindness all around. Our small team is passionate about our mission of making our customer look and feel good. We have one goal of building our community of women who believe in themselves and kind fashion


Shivdasani is available for media interviews on issues of fashion, women led business, leadership, entrepreneurship, scaling up in spite of fear, confidence, and why kindness matters.



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