FOR IMMED RELEASE : New Utility NFT Project Uses Power of Blockchain To Solve Problem With Pets, Shaking Up Billion Dollar Breeding / Retail Industries

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(NYC, March 19, 2022) “We aim to change the pet landscape — setting a new standard for dog ownership and breeding.” Bullishly Bred isn’t the same as the NFT projects you’ve heard about before. With true utility, Bullishly Bred is an important new NFT project that will make a difference for pet owners, breed registries, pet stores, pet shows and other industry stakeholders across the United States and around the world. Bullishly Bred is using the power of blockchain and NFT’s to solve a longstanding problem, disrupting the multi billion dollar pet industry.

Bullishly Bred has big goals — and they are asking the NFT community — and pet lovers — to support this project that is expected to disrupt an entire industry. Before you ask “How much is that doggy in the window?” they say, ask yourself the more important question — “Where did it come from?”

Currently, antiquated dog breeding and owner registration processes have led to fragmentation among the hundreds of legacy kennel clubs and pet registry entities that exist today. Their rigid exclusivity has essentially created an entire underworld of unscrupulous breeding, creating incentive for puppy mills and backyard breeders to operate further underground. Sadly, puppy mills and large puppy farming operations now outproduce Kennel club verifiable puppies by nearly a hundred to one. This lack of a central system deeply affects families, too. Today the process is so confusing with hundreds of different dog registries, it is nearly impossible to reunite a lost or stolen puppy with its owners unless the story draws significant media attention.

Bullishly Bred changes everything with its innovative immutable blockchain based registry for dog breeders and pet owners — a universal open standard that registers the very critical details of a pet’s origin, health records, and ownership on a public ledger.

Co-founder Megan Barraford, a serial entrepreneur with an impressive history working with Fortune 500 brands and startups alike, says “NFTs have immense potential but are solely used for a single purpose and purely used for speculation. There is more to the technology behind NFTs — it provides a mechanism for storing information on the blockchain that cannot be manipulated and is publicly transparent. We took NFTs and brought them to the pet industry to solve a problem. “ She goes on to point out that “traditional formats of the past have not embraced the future.”

Co-founder Nicole Harrison is the other half of the Bullishly Bred team. A French Bulldog specialist, Nicole is passionate about her work and has been breeding French Bulldogs for more than a decade. Well known for her specialization and leadership in ethical breeding, Nicole focuses on preventing health problems, reducing overbreeding and improving longevity. The health and wellbeing of companion animals is of vital importance to the Bullishly Bred team.

Nicole says that in the United States alone, “there are more than 50 different designer breed registries working in silos, not sharing information, each one with different standards and the refusal to recognize specific colors — which ends up forcing corrupt practices to get their puppies registered.”

Bullishly Bred is a Redeemable NFT project that will build an inclusive pet exchange that allows for all breeds — including designer breeds (Sheepadoodle) or health-tested exotic colors (merle) to be registered — reducing backyard breeding with verifiable DNA information, ownership, and a family tree that is visible to everyone.

Benefits For Breeders:
• Will provide a single blockchain based platform to “Tokenize” and register their litters with all pertinent info publicly viewable.
• Will open participation to all breeders to digitally mint their litters genealogical tree in a transparent format.
• Will reduce incentive to breed under the radar and reduce in breeding.

Benefits For Pet Owners: Acting as your digital “pink slip,” the NFT allows you:
• Cryptographically prove ownership if your dog is lost or stolen
• Provide health information to veterinarians
• Prove genetic history when breeding
• Make it easier for your family member to be found if ever lost or stolen.

The NFT project is “completely restructuring the breeding apparatus — making it open, transparent, decentralized, and inclusive of all dogs and people. Additionally, the project will usher in a new era, empowering individuals rather than organizations, families over gatekeepers.”

This system is permissionless, uncensored, and available to all.

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