High profile Serial Entrepreneurs Form Compassion Focused Consultancy To Save America’s Small Businesses

Tyler Copenhaver-Heath and his business partner Elliot Hutchens are doing important work, helping small businesses get back on track and survive these difficult, extraordinary times that have crushed so many. It is an inspiring story, and makes for a dynamic, compelling interview. After their last business encountered and survived “COVID, fires, robberies, lawsuits, and every other challenge a small business can endure, all in the same year, we understand and have compassion for the challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners are currently facing.” -said Tyler.

Today, they are the high-profile serial entrepreneurs behind the compassion focused consultancy, Elliot Uriah Consulting — and what they are doing is truly epic. They’re NOT looking for new clients to pad their pockets. Instead, they are looking for struggling businesses, and throwing them a lifeline. The two are committed to using the knowledge they gained as serial entrepreneurs themselves. “We have a unique understanding of the pain small businesses’ have endured over the last two years. If a business is on its last leg, facing almost certain doom, we would love the opportunity to help! Our consultancy group is looking for small businesses that are facing impending bankruptcy or just closing their business. We will come in at no charge and assess the weaknesses in current business strategies to see how we can best overhaul the business to keep its doors from shuttering.” -said Tyler

Together, the experts assess all aspects of business operations, from accounting and content marketing to business processes to help put small businesses -and their founders- back on the right track.

Motivated to stop founders from giving up, so they don’t have to close their doors, they offer assessments and recommendations at no charge. “Our only goal is to help other businesses with the skills we have acquired over the multiple businesses we have started, grown, and sold to assist you in navigating through the hardship your small business is currently facing. We know from experience that when you’re down for the count and considering throwing in the towel, if you keep working hard, you can and will survive!” — said Elliot

They are available for media interviews as sources for any stories covering any aspect of the struggles small businesses across industries face in America today, and discussion of solutions and ways entrepreneurs and founders can take their power back and start making money again while continuing to serve their communities.

website http://www.ellioturiah.com

Tracy Lamourie is CEO of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED — Build Your Brand With Effective Public & Media Relations

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Lamourie MEDIA's La MORE Report

Tracy Lamourie is CEO of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED — Build Your Brand With Effective Public & Media Relations

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