Iconic Cannabis Lounge Pops Up In Toronto — Fighting Food Insecurity During Kind Summer Fair In July

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3 min readJun 21, 2022


If you’re a Canadian cannabis fan and you’ve never had the chance to visit an iconic little place in Orono, Ontario — you’ve really been missing out on an incredible experience. Thankfully, the Reverend Kelly Addison (yes, she really is a reverend!) has got your back.

This summer Kelly’s is on the road — and you can be a part of the experience at The KIND Summer Fair in Toronto. Kind takes place July 5 & 6, 2022 and, “Kelly’s Green Lounge is joining the event with a not-for-profit pop-up lounge in support of Canadians
that are food insecure.| More than 10,000 canna friendly attendees are expected over two full days of LIVE music, carnival games, prizes and more than thirty musical acts — brought to us from KIND magazine at City View in Toronto. It’s the start of Cannabis Week, three days of celebration for all members of the cannabis community.

Rev. Kelly Addison says : “This is a dream come true to be able to work with KIND magazine and the KIND Summer fair! We have loved this publication from the very first issue and are such fans of KIND.”

The people behind KIND are fans of KGL as well. In a recent statement the Managing Director said, “KIND believes in advancing the destigmatization of cannabis through kindness, community, education and entertainment. KIND Summer Fair aims to represents the intersection of all of these pillars in a unique and creative way. Kelly´s Green Lounge has always been a leader in driving these core values forward, and we couldn’t be more excited to have KGL as a partner.”

KINDNESS is at the heart of this project — and that’s a fit, because kindness is at the heart of everything Kelly’s Green Lounge founder has done since before they opened their doors at the physical location on Main Street in tiny Orono.

Kelly’s — also known as KGL — was founded by the inexhaustible Addison — a tiny blonde dynamo whose passion for the plant is legendary. She’s done hundreds of interviews to educate others- some on her KGL channel — and others with media sources as far away as Australia. It’s actually a church (of cannabis!) as well as a lounge, but you don’t have to subscribe to any spiritual doctrine other than a love of the plant to be a part of it!

Like the original Kelly’s Green Lounge, the KGL space at the KIND Summer Far is, according to Addison, “a hang-out, out-reach, giveback, learn, connect, and come together space, featuring a a “green-out” zone and bins for the collection of food donations for the NFP Feed It Forward. A place to chill, A place for giving back, A place for connection and a place for outreach.

It truly is a community space, and renowned -Chef Jagger S Gordon, founder of Not-For-Profit charity Feed It Forward put it this way when talking about this exciting event — “It’s not what your community can do for you but what you can do for your community.”

Addison clearly agrees. “It’s incredible synergy to be able to connect together in the name of food insecurities in Toronto. Chef Jagger Gordon is a modern-day hero, he should be celebrated and recognized and we, at KGL, are excited to be able to collect food donations for his amazing Not-For-Profit initiative.”

Marijane Baker, Timmy Boyle, celebrity hosts of the popular podcast “The Noobie and The Doobie,” are attending to support the event. Marijane says, “So excited to be joining KGL and the KIND summer fair! From what I hear… things are about to get HOT!”
Jonathan Melo, Owner of Melo Out Entertainment agrees and says “I can’t wait to be part of this amazing event and team!”

Also attending to support for entertainment and education:

Reese Turner, The Late Night Sesh

Anthony Carnevale, Clean Piece Toronto

Thomas O’Niell, the Butter baron with a hash Making Demo

Miss dabs, Danielle Degeer

Rich Prince, Team Planet Love

Stacy Bobak, Cannadent

Nadia Rehman, The Ganja Mama

People are being asked to bring food donations when they attend.



Lamourie MEDIA's La MORE Report

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