Keeping Kids Amused In Their Own Backyard — Author Fernanda Lazzaro Offers Something New In The Age of Covid

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3 min readAug 22, 2020
Author Fernanda Lazzaro

Children’s author Fernanda Lazzaro is fascinated with bugs and how their small existence has a huge importance on our eco-system.

Her two engaging books in the Tilsonbugger Series “The Swarm That Swarmed” and “The Case of the Missing Mustache” (a centipede)! are making an impact and pre-covid the author was to do events in libraries and garden centers across Ontario giving families a tool to teach kids how not to fear — and maybe even to become fascinated by — life in their own backyard.

Now, with families around the world looking for new things to do at home with their children, the message this author brings is more timely than ever. For elementary school age kids, the books themselves are a thrilling entry into that world — and for older kids, and adults Fernanda’s unique perspective will have you looking at creepy crawlies in a whole new way.

When Fernanda tells the origin story of the books it shows she understands peoples initial reaction to “bugs”:

“ My neighbour’s fear of bees was the impetus for my children’s short stories, Tillsonbugger Adventures (a series that teaches children about the importance of bugs). When my backyard bees swarmed to her branch, she threatened to burn down the tree, not understanding the relevance bees have on the environment. I am an arachnaphobe (I’m even afraid to look up the word to make sure I have spelled it correctly). I cannot look at spiders in person or on a computer — especially on a computer screen as the pixels don’t hide all their creepy details, like their eight eyes. In my books, one of the characters is afraid of spiders so I make sure one makes a brief appearance in each story (after all, I understand they have an importance on the eco-system). I actually have to ask my partner and poet of the series to research on his own computer because I don’t want Google thinking I’m interested in learning more about them!”

She laughs as she says that for her latest book, “The Case of the Missing Moustache”, she “managed to research chanced researching centipedes. I managed to work with one eye open, but I don’t think spiders will ever get a starring role!”

Excellent book reviews said it’s the perfect book for the season : “This author’s colorful, fun books centered around mystery and backyard adventure starring creepy crawlies is sure to spark conversation and might even get the kids pulling out magnifying glasses to see what they can discover in their own backyards — perfect for summer 2020!”

The Swarm That Swarmed
The Case Of The Missing Moustache

Find both books in the series on Amazon, or visit the author on her website :

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Lamourie MEDIA's La MORE Report

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