Latest Films In The Steinberg World Series Released Starring Canadian Actress Sarah Jillian

Sarah Jillian

Steve Oakley has a long Hollywood history — he has been a part of some of the biggest reality TV productions in the world. He’s also produced several films including 2015’s Natural Born Filmmakers with well known LA actress Dawna Lee Heising, and in 2012 he released both Waiting for Dracula, and Meet The Moguls. More recently, with his partner Melanie Grunder have become award-winning reality show producers and indie filmmakers. Steve and Melanie find interesting reality TV subjects and then shoot footage in HD and make sizzle reels. The couple have three Co-Production deals with three Reality TV companies. Together they own Grunder Oakley Productions.

Steve Oakley (credit FB)

Oakley has refused to let the two year industry interruption that was Covid — or the serious illness he is battling — stop him. With his innovative style of movie-by-Skype, Oakley has continued to produce epic films. He says his use of Skype allows him access to the best talent across the globe — and he likes the immediacy of the medium. Oakley is particularly proud that his recent Steinberg series is populated by actors from around the world — with some surprise cameos by some other well known faces.

One that Canadians — and industry watchers who have been paying attention — might recognize is Canadian actress Sarah Jillian.

Sarah Jillian has led a fascinating life. A true creative — an artist, a children’s book author, a one time professional clown, today she is most passionate about her work in film and TV, one of her first loves. In childhood she was an occasional reporter at the ripe old age of 10 for Canada’s national broadcaster CBC radio on Country Living with Ann Gibson. As a teenager she appeared in a rock video in the 80’s for the Boys Brigade and commercials for Molson Canadian. She was even a professional clown for 15 years ! Today she is moving back into the acting, accepting a starring role in Steinberg Rides Again and has recently been featured in interviews and media profiles including New York Weekly and Authority magazines stateside and The Table Read, UK.

“I’ve been in the movie business for 54 years,” Oakley says, “And Sarah Jillian has the same charisma and special talent that movie stars of yesteryear had. I cast her in everything I do — she’s energetic and perky.”

For her part, Sarah says she’s a big fan of Oakley’s long career as well.

“I am thrilled to be working on this project with director,producer,writer and actor,and creator of Steinberg’s World Series, Steve Oakley. He’s a complete creative genius and it is an unbelievably uplifting,hilarious and inspiring journey.”



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