One of Canada’s Leading Black Entrepreneurs Shares Her Secrets In “Your Success Guide” — Actionable Inspiration For Business Owners

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4 min readApr 14, 2022

One of Canada’s Leading Black Entrepreneurs Shares Her Secrets In “Your Success Guide” — Actionable Inspiration For Business Owners

(Toronto, April 14) It’s been happening — everywhere — since Covid hit. They call it “The Great Resignation,” as increasingly more employees leave the corporate world to start that business they always dreamed of. Across industries, executives and HR departments are reporting that it’s increasingly hard to hire. En masse, people are ditching oppressive offices and bad bosses — and deciding to go it alone. But forging your own path isn’t always easy. It can be difficult, demoralizing and discouraging.

Tyler J. Smith, the author of the highly anticipated new resource, “Your Success Guide,” says that’s why she knew she had to publish this book and online course — now. Using scientifically based methods of habit creation and proven sales techniques that are easy to implement and duplicate, Your Success Guide allows any entrepreneur to set themselves up for success every single day by following researched methods that are easy to adopt for any industry or any skill level.

There’s no question Tyler is a powerhouse. A behind the powerbrokers Mentor, Brand, Marketing, and Communications specialist, Smith is also a respected college professor, and the Co-author of the popular book Grilled to Perfection with Food Network’s Chris Knight. A highly sought-after brand and marketing expert, Smith has worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest brands in the world (Starbucks, Ziploc, Corona Beer and others) and with A-listers (Canadian hitmaker Nelly Furtado and Chef Rob Rainford, star of The Food Network’s hit TV show “License to Grill.) It’s a pretty impressive resume — and that’s before you hear about the time she sang “You Light Up My Life,” on Bob Dylan’s stage at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin while her father — legendary artist, William “Smitty” Smith (who co-wrote and was the lead singer of the 1969 hit song “When I Die,”) played the piano. People like Bob Dylan, Anne Murray, David Foster and Quincy Jones were workmates and family friends.

Today Tyler uses her creative talents to guide others, helping them find success and achieve their dreams — and you’re more likely to hear Smith talk about her passion for helping others achieve than about her family’s past. “I love to gently hold people accountable for their goals — nothing is better for me than to see someone succeed — especially at something that they thought they couldn’t do,” she says. A compelling speaker and a frequent expert source for media around the world, Smith is committed to sharing the meaningful lessons and habits that she has learned in her incredible journey from employee to power woman entrepreneur.

If you’re wondering how she does it, her impactful new book and online course “Your Success Guide,” has the answer. In these pages — Tyler shares the “simple system for success,” which she initially developed to support her exclusive and confidential clients — now made available to any entrepreneur who wants to learn how to build healthy, sustainable revenue-generating habits and organize their priorities. An elegant solution that entrepreneurs can hold in their hands and use to get a handle on their day-to-day business and personal goals, the book is a pleasure to hold. Cracking it open — it brings to mind that first day of school feeling — and your hand just itches to fill the pages with the successes you suddenly know are coming.

With this system, you have an accountability mentor as you learn to set clear intentions and manageable goals — setting and reaching daily, weekly and monthly revenue targets; connecting with current customers, following up with new prospects, even a place to make notes about your social media goals and accomplishments of the day. Many busy business owners will appreciate the reminders to take the personal into account too — gratitude, personal development, meditation or prayer and exercise are included as “Daily Success Builders,” reminding us all to take a few moments away from our desks to focus on other aspects that make for a healthy whole.

In the inspirational words of the book’s author, “Track your habits daily and grow past your goals. Your Habit Tracker is set up to highlight and support you as you add income producing habits to your day so you can achieve your goals.” She points out that goal setting changes things from being a wish or a dream to “an actionable thing that is achievable.”

That in itself can make all the difference. “Your Success Guide” allows the business owner to relieve anxiety and limit stress by breaking goals into small actionable steps and celebrating mini goal achievements. It guides the user to build their own simple system for success.

Who Is This For?
-Entrepreuners, solopreuners and executives
-Experts in the personal development / coaching fields
-People who want to be self-employed
-People who want to experience financial independence and freedom
-People who want to take charge of health, their schedule, their choices on how to live

Your Success Guide is now available at or on worldwide on May 3rd.

Your Success Guide allows you to pay it forward as with every purchase, Tyler J. Smith will donate $2.50 to the Unstoppable Foundation.” The Unstoppable Edition of Your Success Guide will be going live on Amazon on May 3rd. Learn more about their work at

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