Power Woman CEO Wins Prestigious Entrepreuner Award At Atlanta’s Sheen Magazine Awards 2021

Often described as a “power woman,” Kiara Streater is the co-founder of South Carolina’s award-winning business, Extraordinary Headhunters. In a year full of wins as extraordinary as the company and its founder, Kiara received yet another high profile accolade last week. In the recently concluded Sheen Magazine Awards 2021, she was honored as the winner of the Successful Entrepreneur Business Acumen Award for 2021.

Sheen Magazine is famous for being an Ultimate Beauty Guide for women entrepreneurs in the modern age. The people behind this publication are dedicated to providing the recent updates and latest trends in fashion, beauty, and entertainment. They are equally committed to honoring boss ladies who thrive in their chosen career or venture. This is one of the reasons for the creation of the Sheen Magazine Awards.

“I am deeply honored with this recognition and award from Sheen Magazine. I remember when I was first featured in this publication for the many works that I have done for my company and my community. From being on the front page cover of Sheen Magazine to being an awardee for its annual event, I have to say that these are testaments to my success in the industry, that hard work does pay off. Now, I’m inspired to take things to the next level, and continue to give back.” says Kiara Streater.

Kiara Streater is an internationally accomplished Chief Executive Officer featured in media around the world who has a proven track record of managing and growing multi-million businesses. She continues to provide high paying career opportunities and free Covid testing resources during these trying times through Extraordinary Headhunters LLC. All the awards and recognitions she received are results of her tremendous hard work and dedication to help others.

About Sheen Magazine Awards

One of the most celebrated events in Atlanta is SHEEN Magazine’s Annual Award Show. This event is famous for providing fantastic entertainment to its readers, partners, investors, nominees, and awardees. According to the founder of SHEEN Magazine, Kimberly Chapman, “We want our attendees to experience an unparalleled celebration. Our goal is to honor and cherish those who many times are overlooked for their life-changing, trend-setting, or charitable contributions.”

If you want to learn more about the Kiara Streater and Extraordinary Headhunters LLC, please visit https://linktr.ee/kiarastreater



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