Business Related Media Appearances

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Celebrity Publicist Tracy Lamourie

In The Hollywood Times

the Media Mogul Who Founded Her Empire On Kindness

Inspirational Women of Hollywood PRofile

Winner of 2020 Woman of Inspiration for Women in Media at Universal Women’s Network Gala

FOrmidable WOman Magazine :

Valiant CEO :

How I Built A Global Brand From My Basement Office During Covid With Tracy Lamourie

On Australia’s biggest 24 hour news channel 2020 TickerTV

And in 2021

“Rockstar Publicists — Be Real, Be Authentic, Don’t Be Cookie Cutter with Tracy Lamourie”

Don’t Let Anyone Intimidate You

How To Be A Go Getter

How To Be A Thought Leader In Your Industry

“How Do You Craft a Successful Media Pitch that Actually Lands Coverage?”

Home Business Magazine featured me in an article about business success tips in 2021

My Success Summit speech

What Is a Powerwoman:?

ÌFrom PR On THe Go :

and in yet another one called “The Best Tips for Getting and Using Testimonials in Business” :

I was profiled in this article about successful communications professionals :

Quoted in this article about the most important stories of that year

- and another article came out about me in August in the same publication with a long interview sharing lessons I’ve learned being a successful CEO of my public relations company.

I was also featured as one of he professionals advising on how to communicate with people who are under pressure in this Upjourney article

and another advising people on how to be better at explaining things.

In PR On.The Go

In this Upjourney article explaining the difference between confidence and arrogance :

And on the same topic in Women On Business :

Australia’s ARNA asked me to write a guest blog on being a power woman , inspiring others

I was quoted in this major industry publication, Everything PR, as a public relations thought leader in an article about PR Post Pandemic :

Morning Lazziness :

Empirics Asia :

Thrive GLobal Feature on Lamourie Media Founders Power Couple Dave Parkinson and Tracy Lamourie

Lessons From A Thriving Power COuple

Quoted in Top Tips To Adapt to Constant Change :

ENTERPRISE ZONE in Singapore :

Author of this int’l bestselling book asked me as a high profile Sr Publicist & “industry thought leader” if I’d give a quote for the back cover of the 2nd edition. I did & it was! It’s about effectively using social media, writing for successful SEO & online campaigns that get attention.


Red Direction — Business Leaders On How To Adapt

How To Start Upgrading Your Career in a Week

10 Most Ambitious Women In Business To Follow in 2022

Top Tips to Adapt to Constant Change


On The Cameron Tousi Podcast :

Breakfast Leadership Show :

Make It Happen :

On the Face To Face Round Table Talk Show in Long Beach California

On The My Heart Remembers Podcast

On the Diamond Factor Podcast[0]=AZWQsiU2XKcj9TcmnEubVrfTt7MJhL9qKoQQ5va_kFEHFXQp3c5tYemoEXzgPKN7Jli4n8hIyCqKPVxnuOqm427zWJTKlnZbxOMz7gu6WA40tNToZanWU8VIXyjejR5S67l7cknHil9dlGXuhvBtaHKR5Xeiwlg-V88GxwgG7zV6ucxKVqN79Ri90s8guBv3x4Q&__tn__=%2B%3FFH-y-R

On Mitchell Report :

On Living The Dream

On Australia’s Talking To The Experts

On Fancy Free :

On From Where I Sit

On More Than A Sound Bite

On Ask D Pros

Mr Biz Radio

WoW Podcast

Callum COnnects

Business In 90 Seconds

On Digital Brand Building

Business Ladies Forum

On Elite Expert insiders

In Oman,

On We Don’t Play

Winning At Business And At Life

Dave Parmah Show

Ethical Marketing

Lift Of With Energizng Results (Berlin)

Charles Matthews Show

Women of Inspiration Podcast

How Not To Think

Speaking :

Revealing Better Results

Here Together

On The Pirate Broadcast

Stuck In My Mind

The Watercooler

Dreamchasers Radio

100% Me

Talking Politics And Low Voter Turnout

Women For Music live

Between The Lines in Trinidad

The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreuners

Feeling Versonic

The Link in The United Arab Emerites

Business Excellence

Franze And Friends


Business Bros

Elite Marketing Tips Podcast.

Pen Over Sword : Getting Better At Explaining THings With Tracy Lamourie

Digital Marketing Masters -Pitching A Story WIth Tracy Lamourie

Get Down To Business (Chicago Radio)

Masters of Life

On the Self Belief Chief Podcast in the UK.

On My Independence Report :

The host of EXECUTIVE JUICE in London, England, on Tracy Lamourie :

On Communications Czar :

On Business Bros

On Executive Juice :

On For Business Owners Only

Women of Inspiration, Live From Montreal

No Rain No Rainbows — Discover What You’re Capable Of With Tracy Lamourie

On PR After Hours

On Yeukai Business Show in UK

The Writers Corner

Regeneration Studio

On The Executive Edge

Jay Thakkar Show

‎Smart Man, Smarter Woman Podcast: Episode 44: Tracy Lamourie — How To Get The World To Hear Your Voice

Holistic Wealth : Tracy Lamourie On Becoming A Thought Leader and Securing Media Opportunities And Publicity For Your Book, Business Or Brand

Chats From The Blog Cabin

Influencing Yourself And Others With Tracy Lamourie on The Stallion.

The Entrepreneurial Youth : Becoming A Hollywood Publicist Through Compassion Over Competition — With Tracy Lamourie

In Botswana :

On Project Ignite :

On Prosper

On Positive Polarity

Give A Heck : Advocacy, Activism and Public Relations

On The Winning Tactics

Lift Your Story

On Biz 4 Good :

The Business Of Business

On Marketing With Principles

The Gold Mined

The Authority Project — How To Use Media And Publicity To Beat The Competition

Stop Sucking At Business

On The Greatest Story Ever :
Freeing An Innocent Man From Death Row — With Tracy Lamourie

12 Hats Radio, Australia

Take A Walk, Nigeria

If Only You Knew

The Entrepreneurial Ethos

Panel Discussion — Human Rights and Executions — The Impact of Raising Awareness

Steady She Grows :

Label Free — Secrets Of Media Attention

Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations

A Peek Behind The Curtain — How Publicity Can Launch Your Career

Straight Talk With Dean and Marc

Small Business Sisterhood

On Uncharted

On The Adventures Of Self

Growth Hacking Secrets

Speaking of Influence


Get Unstuck

The Show Must Go On

A Dose Of Hope Radio

Powerful At Work (in which Tracy and a California police officer trade perspectives and share conversation to find we have more in common than we think!

Life Passion And Business

Women Who Rock With Success

Marketing As A Foreign Language

Born To Talk Radio

On L:ife Well Lived

The Other Side of 40 — Pitch Yourself With Tracy Lamourie

Tim Gillette Show

Focus Forward

Talk Authenticity on Steph Up

More Perfect Marketing

The Mental Cast

On Bleav So Cal Sweat With Actress and Former NFL Cheerleader Anne McDaniels

AI Capital

Success Made To Last

Jump In

Vibe Selection

Monday Morning Marketing — How To Be A Thought Leader

Business Talk — Tracy Lamourie Shares Her Legendary PR Skills And The Mindset Of Champions

Uncharted : Facing Change

The Entrepreneur Suite

The Unfiltered Experience

The Can Do Way

The Hero Show

On Real Talk

On Execupeaks

Meet The Experts

Content Amplification

TIme To Shine Today podcast

Marketing And Sales Over Cocktails

L”Strategy Advisors in India

Travel podcast : Passports And Postcards

XL 10 Minute Leaders — In Singapore

NBC TV California’s The Sheila Mac Show


More Than A FEw Words

Clips from Courage to Lead

Pursuit Of Learning

Marketing As A Foreign Language — “Death Row Heroine”


Marketing Mambo :From Death Row Activist to Public Relations Maven with Tracy Lamourie

Hustlers For A Cause

Six Star Business

Design Your Life

Rise To The Challenge

The Journey Is Real

Voices of Courage


Getting Ahead

Spiritual Dope

Jagged With Jasravee

Shock Your Potential

That Entrepreuner Life

Publicity And Media

So Leads Saturday

Women on IT

Inspiration Contagion

Unshakekable Habits

Top Agent Podcast

Top Publicity Tips To Get You Noticed From PR Goddess Tracy Lamourie

PR360 Keeping Up With The Changing Media Landscape With Tracy Lamourie

The Monday Morning Marketing — How To Be A Thought Leader With Tracy Lamourie


For Her Empire



Your Bold Life

Road To Rediscovery

The Roller Coaster :

Creating A New Tomorrow — How Self Confidence Leads To Success Featuring Tracy Lamourie


NEW! Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast
Using Media to Spread Your Influence with PR Queen Tracy Lamourie

Small victories or

Plan b Success

New Town Big Dreams

Business Ownership Podcast

INSPIRE series of the Michael Brown Show



Home Based Travel Agent

Why Self Belief Is Essential To Your Success

Confident Strides — Time for Brand Awareness Strategy? Ways a Publicist Can Help with Tracy Lamourie


Her Drive

Time for Brand Awareness Strategy? Ways a Publicist Can Help with Tracy Lamourie

Travelling Moms

On USA GlobalTV — travel with celebrity publicist tracy lamourie

NEW! My appearance on THE SANITY PROJECT

Inspire series of MichaeL Brown Show



Home Based Travel Agent

Strategic Business Advisors Podcast

KAJ India Masterclass
The Masterclass for KAJ in India on how to get media and publicity for your brand is now on Youtube — check it out at



Tracy Lamourie is CEO of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED — Build Your Brand With Effective Public & Media Relations

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Tracy Lamourie is CEO of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED — Build Your Brand With Effective Public & Media Relations