Travel With Tracy — Celebrity Publicist On The Move! Questions, Ideas, Trip Offers or Product Review Requests accepted

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Travel With Tracy — Celebrity Publicist On The Move!

As an internationally recognized publicist, Tracy gets around! She shares her unique globetrotting tales, incredible adventures, and travel expertise in mainstream media, in news articles, in podcasts, and in her personal blog.

Questions, Ideas, Trip Offers or Product Review Requests?

Travel with Tracy without leaving your chair via the links below.

Tracy guesting on travel podcasts :

Freedom Travel Now — My Life Is A Vacation

Passports and Postcards

“Today on the show we have award winning publicist, founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc. Tracy spends her time between Toronto and Beverly Hills. Tracy is an author and is about to release her book “Get Ripped -Build Your Brand with Effective Public and Media Relations. Tracy normally guests on podcasts to talk about entrepreneurship, business, leadership, authenticity, publicity and how to get media attention, but Tracy is guesting on this Toronto based podcast to talk about her amazing travel adventures from backpacking through Europe at age 21 including an interesting story about her visit to Prague along with work trips abroad. Travel where the job takes you.”

JetSetHers Podcast appearance #1 — Feb 2021 Travels w/ Tracy

We had a great time this week talking with our new friend Tracy about some of her travels and just travel in general.

JetSetHers Podcast appearance #2 — Dec 2021 — Malta w/Tracy

Tracy from the Travels w/ Tracy episode came back on to tell us about her most recent trip to Malta — where she stayed at the incredible BE Hotel in St Julian (San Giljan)

The Home Based Travel Agent

Fashion, Travel and Fitness On USA GlobalTV — travel with celebrity publicist tracy lamourie

Tracy quoted in media about travel :

Put Incredible Malta On Your Must See List

Experts Tell You Where To Fly For A Luxury Honeymoon

In TravelMama’s “Business Travel Tips for Stress-Free (and Fun!) Work Trips” :

“Tracy Lamourie with Lamourie Media recommends getting out of your hotel room or conference center to explore your destination. She says, “Seize the moment! Spend time planning how you can make every moment between meetings count. I’m an expert at throwing on my bathing suit and hitting the ocean for an invigorating soak in 45 minutes, then dressing and slipping into my chair at the meeting or convention in time to crush some business goals.”


In GDG’s “The Plane Truth — The impact of COVID grounding business travel,” : “Tracy Lamourie tells us her company, Lamourie Media, has not lost any revenue due to missed travel. “We’ve been very strategic about using things like panels and podcasts to not only continue to build our reputation for thought leadership in our industry and across the sectors our diverse clients work in,” she told us. “I’ve replaced business travel [with virtual participation in panels, podcasts, and online conferences] I would likely have never attended in person, and been extremely successful at networking and building our partnerships and connects around the world, in spite of the current lack of cross border travel.”

In Backdrop in an article on “Travelling Moms”

Experts Tell Us the Best Travel Accessories For Long Flights

Austin visitors pay 33 percent on average in Airbnb surcharges, Forbes finds

Cannes Film Festival: Celebrity Publicist Tracy Lamourie On Things To Know Before You Go

Global National in Toronto reports on new government travel advisories and quotes Tracy about how that makes travel plans, including her next trip to Malta, difficult :

Canadians told to not travel amid Omicron COVID-19 spread. But will they cancel plans?

This article went international and appeared in dozens of media around the world, here are some examples:

Bahamas :

Germany :

Australia :

Spain :

On Dec 24th, Tracy was quoted in newspapers and news outlets across Canada and around the world when she was interviewed by CP, Canadian Press :
“Toronto publicist Tracy Lamourie said she had planned a girls’ trip with her mother to the Mediterranean island of Malta for January. They’re double vaccinated and she’s not worried about the virus, but said with the uncertainty of flights and changing restrictions around the world they will likely delay the holiday. “We have not cancelled it quite yet though and are still hopeful that there will be good news,” she said in an email.”It’s the possibility of flights being cancelled and air travel being grounded, getting us stranded away from home that is most frightening. “It feels like we are right back in March 2020 … and that is hard to deal with.”

This story ran in every major news media across Canada and in every local and major newspaper. It also appeared in articles around the world including France, Spain, Bahamas, and Ethiopia

Ethiopia :

Quoted in a FORBES article about international travel, “Do Face Shields Prevent Covid-19 Spread? Here’s What You Should Know”

Here is what Forbes said :
“Tracy Lamourie, a celebrity publicist and travel blogger, has been looking forward to a trip to Malta with her mother. Though she’s worried omicron will lead to new travel restrictions and cancellations, she isn’t especially worried about getting sick herself. She is vaccinated and vigilant about sanitizing her hands and wearing a mask.
“In addition, I hide under my coat, using it as a blanket so I am effectively on my own little bubble for the flight,” Lamourie said.
That layered approach may be enough to keep a low-risk person safe…”

Tracy’s Travel Journalism :

Links To Come, Watch This Space

Tracy’s Personal Travel Blog -

Because Tracy’s personal travel blog, Travel With Tracy — Celebrity Publicist On The Move! — is written by a busy celebrity publicist whose busier doing client work than updating her personal blog, it’s wayyyyy behind her travels — but you’ll want to keep checking in because following in her footsteps is fun — so click below to “Follow the exciting adventures of high profile publicist Tracy Lamourie who works with fabulous entertainers, interesting businesses, authors artists and other cool people doing cool things in amazing places. By popular request, she is here to give you a window into that world! Follow Tracy on business travel, family travel and read travel and product reviews. It’s all here — with occasional celebrity sparkle.”

Questions, Ideas, Trip Offers or Product Review Requests?



Lamourie MEDIA's La MORE Report

Tracy Lamourie is CEO of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED — Build Your Brand With Effective Public & Media Relations