Young Australian Woman Advocates For True Trauma Informed Treatment In Hospitals Across Country — Asks For Support In “Urgent Battle With Government / Healthcare System For Adequate Intervention and Treatment:”

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“Throughout this battle with the government healthcare system it has come to my attention that there is no requirement for any hospitals to have any Trauma informed staff present during working hours. This is at the detriment to the safety of all patients within the hospital healthcare system — especially as we are in a global pandemic which is the first global traumatic event since World War II.” — Lilianne Oliver

Making herself available to Australian media for this compelling and important interview — Lilianne Oliver (Lily) is 27 years old, has an education and history in health care work, — and she is speaking out to fill in some gaps in medical services for patients dealing with trauma — and today her life is at risk. It all started on the 19th of November following a blood patch procedure (you’ll have to interview her for more on the disturbing story!) In spite of her very serious medical issues putting her life at risk, she is not only speaking out to save herself and many others dealing with this same issue in an effort to “cut through the red tape” in Australia in time to save her life. Lili has been making connections with potential partners and advocates around the world and her ultimate goal is to “make change in every major city in the world” from her home in Australia.

From Lili : “I have a background education in Cert III in aged care and Cert III in childcare and I had completed 3 quarters of my Bachelors degree in Nursing prior to my severe decline in health and subsequent battle within the government healthcare system to obtain adequate intervention and treatment for my complex medical conditions.” (Lily has been diagnosed with Complex PTSD/ DID and Subsequent Hyper mobile Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome with multiple co-comorbidities.)

To shed further light on the situation, quotes from a doctor working with Lili below :

“Lilianne has done considerable research into this difficult to manage condition, and it does appear that some of our treatment options in Australia are quite limited. I have suggested she try to lias with Dr Frasier Burling in Auckland who is a rheumatologist with a strong interest in EDS to get his advice. Short of this, I would advocate that Lilianne is able to be fitted with a neck brace in line with previous recommendations. This comes not from my own knowledge, but rather from recommendations from the EDS society which is based in the UK. Further to this once stabilized, she may well need to consider treatment options abroad for optimal outcome in this very difficult situation.”


“She had a significant deterioration in her symptoms, and this appears to correlate with spending a prolonged time with her neck in a flexed position around 3 weeks ago. As you would be aware she is being treated under Bruce Mitchell for ongoing cervical issues and pain, which I understand that Bruce felt was a combination of rural leaks as well as some cranio-cervial instability. Unfortunately these are not uncommon issues in the hyper mobile variant of ehlers danios syndrome that she suffers. Whilst a number of the symptoms that she describes such as swallowing dysfunction, vocal cord dysfunction and dystonic reactions are unusual in the general population with cervical issues. These symptoms are relatively common in the hyper mobile group. Unfortunately these symptoms often lead to a labeling of these patients as hysterical or medication seeking, but in Liliannes case nothing could be further from the truth. What Lilianne does need is some empathy as well as pain management. “

Lili is available for media interviews


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